Friday, July 31, 2009

I quit my teaching job

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Today was my last day at work (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I decided to quit my ESL job). My kids threw me an awesome surprise going away party and gave me some really endearing goodbye letters and a hand painted fan that made me sad and giggle. (I've copied one letter below)

This weekend Jes and I are off for a two day trip to hike some super touristy mountain in the middle of South Korea...Songnisan National Park.

I'm long, long overdue for salt water. Tuesday we depart for several weeks of Siargao, a little island in the Philippines. AND all I gotta say is there better be some freaking swell or wind.

Next week is the 2009 Kiteboard Worlds racing at Crissy Field. I'm rooting for all the local boys back home...and kinda sorta wish I was there, but I remember how much of a grind 4 days of course racing on the San Francisco Bay against the likes of Sean Farley, Sky Solbach and Sean Richmond can be.

Wish me luck...wish me many long shacking barrels at Cloud9 on Siargao or any of its nearby brothers or sisters.

Last, I am heading back to San Francisco around the 20th of September for a couple weeks to celebrate my bro's engagement. He's having a thing called a 'betrothal'. I don't know what that is, but I'm damn happy for him and his to-be and I'm really looking forward to seeing family, friends and California.

luv ya all!

This is a letter reprinted from one of my students, Jessica

To Anthony

Hello' I'm 6th Grade Jessica.
When I first met you
I was like seeing a teddy bear
almost felt like pooh
It's like yesterday
we have first met but already
saying goodbye I'm so up set
last time in English class
when i got something wrong
you told so nicely that
through out this time the
word i haven't know
I got to use it in at home
school and at my academy
i was so happy
when i grow up, i'm going to
be a person like you teacher
like nice pretty
well even though you go to
san francisco don't forget
about us and be happy

From Roll 85

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18th, 2009



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Thursday, July 16, 2009

monsoon relief

We've been inundated by monsoons for about 7 days. Today, finally, relief! Clear skies, warm sun, morning breeze. I woke up late, opened all the windows to the apartment, hand washed 3 pairs of shoes and hung them outside to dry, and then serenaded myself on my guitar for a couple hours.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The banks of the river run through my hometown...

'The banks of the river run through my hometown'...well they do if I considered Seoul my hometown.

But seriously can I talk about the banks of the rivers and streams in Seoul? They are phenomenal! 10's of miles lined with badminton and basketball courts, aerobic line dancing to crazy Korean Pop, kick-ball-volleyball, drunk old men, inline-skate race courses, half-pipes and skate parks, climbing walls, happy children, fishermen, happy old people...all kinds of old people...even the kind that drive those 4 and 3-wheel powered scooters around because their hips failed too soon), thousands of cyclists from EVERY walk of life, random congregations, and unconditional acts of kindness. The banks of the river are a utopia. It's void of commercialism, save the occasional nondescript Makali Hut--a $1.60 for 750 milliters of a refreshing alcoholic beverage of pure Korean enjoyment in the shade.

Since Jes and I have been riding our bikes more, we've been getting more familiar with the banks of the river and it's absolutely's everything you want your city's bike paths to become...socially nonexclusive, commercial free, community oriented, social interaction encouraged, recreation encouraged, all ages welcome, at all hours of every day.

Yesterday, we decided to forge our way through Seoul via bike to our friend's house...typically he would be a 1 hour subway ride from our apartment...Turns out he is a 1.45 hour bike ride from our house. 99.9% of our journey was on dedicated bike lanes and 99.8% of it is was on completely isolated from vehicle traffic bike lanes. The ride there was g-o-o-d; the inebriated return ride home at midnight was unforgettable. I think there we're more people traveling, singing, using, recreating, playing instruments, dancing, confiding, fishing, sweating and embracing on those narrower strips of land than anywhere else in East Asia last night.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lover's Rock

Remember Lover's Rock by Sade... and then listen to it. If it doesn't please you, chances are it will please the one you love!