Friday, March 20, 2009

Web Cams

Jesus I wish I hadn't done that! I swear I was just looking up news articles on the web; looking for a topic to review in my ESL Free Talking class tonight. Then I deviated from my purpose (as one necessarily does on the internet). I thought, huh wonder if I can pull up the Ocean Beach cam over the internet all the way from Korea.

Brilliant idea Anthony....Not! Why would you do something like that? Maybe corporal mortification--after all, I was raised Catholic.

I did it. The cam worked. Why wouldn't it? And guess what? It was windEEE! And yes, 5 kites were out; that I could count. The ocean was bathed in golden, Californian, sunset light and the sand was blowing in streams down the beach, in a pixelated webcammy sort of way.

Instinctually, I assessed the conditions superman-fast: A small short period swell out of the west and judging from the angle of the kites I think the wind was North-north-west. Maybe the NPH (North Pacific High Pressure) has set up off the north coast of Cali. Conditions might persist several more days. Let's see, I could be at the airport in 1 hour, in San Francisco in 15, but with the time change....

My eyes started watering. I wish I could be in that cold wetsuit, saltwater filling my everything, adrenaline pumping, a song in my head, the constant soft roar of the breaks. And when I was done there would be perfect exhaustion and decent beer.

I stared at the heart sank lower and lower with each press of the refresh button. Refresh. Refresh.
But then I caught myself. Stop!!! I shut my laptop.

But the memory lingers.

Today is Friday morning. Fortunately I'll be too busy to sulk about missing Cali...last class is over at 10pm.