Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy Great White

I took Einstein up to Tomales to pick up a 100 extra small oysters from the Tomales Bay Oyster Company for the party. Knowing once I got to Ray's the drinking would be non-stop I decided to get a run in. I went to a trail along the coastline above RCA's. While short, maybe 3 miles, it was a wild run. The wind was howling 40+ and waves were pounding the cliffs. And a BIG thanks to Jes. She gave me a pair of hand-me-down trail shoes which really helped support my ankles.

Later that evening we all got in the Jacuzzi while it was pouring rain. Ray, always the gracious host, was concerned that our cocktails would get too watered down with the rain and provided us with large multi-colored was kind of surreal. When was the last time you saw a group of people in a jacuzzi sipping cocktails, holding umbrellas over there heads in pouring rain?

Today, it was back to Ocean Beach for more kitesurfing. While I was between the middle and outer sandbar the wind started to die as a large set was rolling in. It was easier to head out to sea than try and out run the waves..And while I was out there, like a submarine surfacing, I spotted a Great White Shark not 60 yards from's the first time I have ever seen one in person! It was just motoring along with its black dorsal standing a good two and half feet above the water. Unfortunately, with the wind dying, I wasn't in any condition to greet him and thank him for not eating me all those times I'm sure he could have. I will always remember him though.


Jes said...

Quit drooling over surfboards and update yer blog!