Thursday, April 30, 2009

Burningman announces some of this year's installations

Honestly, last year I was certain I would take a year off from Burningman. Don’t get me wrong; it was f-ing amazing last year as always. But my sense was that many people were going to take a year off…some favorite venues, Opulent and Pink Mammoth would also be taking a hiatus. I thought ‘09 would be a relatively quiet, perhaps more introspective year on the Playa and my liver wouldn’t hate me if I took a year off…

So with that moving to Korea and missing '09 wouldn’t be an issue.

BUT…DUDE! I just received Will Chase's update on the list of honorarium art installations for Burningman this year. Duuuuude!

Carbon flowers, with fire pistils, that expand and contract 30x; Chimera - a 30’ long something with vertebrae dripping and pulsing with flames; A flame thrower shooting gallery; Soma--sounds like 2 massive tesla balls pumping out all kinds of electricity and flames: ; Burninator grid--I have no idea what it is but it sounds sweet; An evoloutionay life-size zoetrope;
Oh My!

And of course there will be sailing with friends on the Playa.

Bro, this year looks like it will be all-time…and I’m not going.

…or maybe I will.


DaBomb said...

You may be interested in seeing this art car that's working to get on the playa this year without funding. It's pretty tight!

The Flyer art car for BM'09