Monday, April 6, 2009

Physics for Future Presidents

Several months back I read the book Physics for Future Presidents by Robert Mueller after hearing an interview of the author on KQED’s Forum. The book presents science topics related to current events in a very accessible manner. It gives the reader enough practical knowledge to grasp the big picture and science surrounding various issues.

It covers such topics as nuclear bombs, nuclear power, space exploration, biological warfare, global warming, the fossil fuel crisis, and alternative energy viability. Since reading the book I’ve become even more curious with the physics surrounding these topics and their treatment in popular media. As well I’ve wanted to introduce similar material to my own students and therefore wanted to become more conversant on the subject. After searching the web for more info about Mueller, I discovered he teaches a course at Berkeley that reviews the topics of the book in much more depth AND all of his Lectures are on the posted online…|2008-D-69453&semesterid=2008-D
SWEET! So I’ve been attending his Fall 08 Semester Lectures bi-weekly for the last couple weeks in Korea and am loving it. The course is taught through the College of Letters and Sciences so the material is much accessible than perhaps a similar course that would be taught through the physics department.


Boriana said...

Smart stuff!