Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some pictures from around town

Left: Pronun: Sam Geop Sow. These are 1/2" thick slices of swine belly (think bacon) but unsalted and uncured...pure fabulousness. Jes and I are convinced eating lots of this stuff will sufficiently inoculate us from H1N1.

The meal is served with all kinds of side dishes to garnish your pork with. We compete with each other by seeing who can come up with the most original and tasty reminds me of ordering customized pizza slices on Noriega with M and G.

I think we'll order another pork belly booster tonight.

To wash down Sam Geop Sow is a Korean brand of beer, OB Blue. Drinking it always makes me a little nostalgic, dude.

Left: Seoul Subway Station Advertisement: Remember the story about Kentucky Fried Chicken changing its name to KFC because they weren't really using chickens? I've been spreading it around Korea and to all my adult classes. Just found out that it's an urban myth.

This ad exudes healthy, bright and clean...Are they selling burgers or laundry detergent?

Left: Korea has a very efficient health care system.

Left: This is one Jes' classes.
Yesterday morning I got phone call from Jes while she was teaching. She said her students wanted to say 'hi'. So they all got on the phone and we greeted each even told me that he was an alien. Way to go Jes!

Apparently they are fascinated by me and ask Jes a million and one questions about me every day.

Left: This subway is so calm, beautiful, sterile, homogeneous, efficient, and clean I'd let them perform a triple bypass on me in here; even the seats are heated!