Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pinnacles

The last several days I moved out of my apartment of 4 years, quite my job of 4 years, cleaned my's been about 4 years, scrambled to put together Korean visa documents before the deadline, moved into my brother's house, and have been squeezing in as much surfing and kiting at OB as I can before moving away...exhausting.

Jes invited me to join her for a short day trip to the Pinnacles.
It turns out it was a good day to visit the Pinnacles...we saw a total of 4 other hikers, the weather was warm, and relatively dry and the sunset was pristine. I got to check out (by check out i mean look at and climb a few feet high) a couple climbing routes too. I recently took up bouldering at my local gym which I'm enjoying a lot and hope too continue in Seoul. I was surprised by how sharp and aggressive real rock is to the hand compared to the gym...but then that's how most things are outside of a gym.

We summited the High Peaks Trail by sundown and then turned around. I suggested to Jes instead of driving home we cross over to the bay of Monterey for the evening and check out the Aquarium the following we did. I love the Aquarium...the Jellyfish, Sea Dragons, and schools of Pacific Sardines were by far my favorite. I also tried a lot of the interactive exhibits and loved how clever they were put together...I'm putting 'building interactive science exhibits' on my list of future jobs i would love to have.

The food, true to tourist traps, was bad at Cannery Row...but I'm not gonna complain about tourist trap food anymore, I'm just going to compare it to other tourist trap food, which in this case, was okay.

Now I'm back and I'm hoping the 10 day forecast for rain is San Francisco is wrong. I'm actually considering leaving the coast and chasing some snow in the mountains for day or two...


Jes said...

If you wanted snow, you could've come to PA!!!