Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day with Ocean Beach.

I didn't make the pillow fight, which I heard was 6,000 attendees strong this year...

After wasting my time with a bunch of tire-kickers I finally sold my SUP board yesterday morning. Randomly it was a kiter from Santa Cruz that ended up buying it. After he looked at the board I invited him and his friend down to Ocean Beach to go kiting and we got some epic surf...hence why I missed the pillow fight.

Ocean Beach gave me the best Valentine's Day present...south swell in the 8+ range and side-shore winds with no rain. A couple hours into it my knee locked up on me (an old miniscus injury) when I hit a lip too late on some shore break and got slammed to the sand...dude! Fortunately JG was there to help me hop out of the water and after a minute the knee unlocked and I was back on the water again.

I thought I might try and kite again today but it's massive...Matt has aptly described it as looking like there are Lock Ness Monsters all over the place. Instead, I'm heading to Bolinas to shuck oysters and sit out the gale.